consultingnoun, 1. providing expert advice; 2. solving problems; 3. improving operations; 4. implementing change

Certified Catering Consultants

1. a national and international service offering catering industry clients the benefit of more than a hundred years of catering management expertise

2. a group of highly successful executives from throughout the catering industry

3. the most cost effective solution to an entire range of challenges facing caterers today

Certified Catering Consultants (CCC) is ready to work with you to… 

your catering-related challenges

your highest-value opportunities

your business

The CCC team represents the state of the art in catering knowledge and expertise. With nearly twenty years consulting, we have a stellar track record of success for our clients. CCC’s consultants offer innovative ideas, proven solutions, and measurable results.

Our Services




Event Management

Referral Services

Industry Analytics

Expert Witness Service

Seminars / Public Speaking

Mystery Shopping / Competitive Market Analysis

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Services

Temporary Company Management

  • “The consulting services gave us the point in the right direction our business needed. They were able to pinpoint opportunities for growth as well as opportunities for improvement in the business. They worked with us to help us understand how the changes in our specific market affected us and gave us ideas and solutions to help keep us moving forward. It was so helpful to have an objective third party examine the business.”

    C.M. Director of Business Development
  • “You put together a powerful, and informative presentation. All the knowledge you shared made this a worthwhile return on our investment. I can feel the energy in the sales dept. and they are buzzing with each other. We are looking forward to acting on the information you have shared with us.”

    Northboro, MA

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