Show Your Appreciation

Show Your Appreciation H Jackson Brown wrote a New York Times Bestseller called “Life’s Little Instruction Book”.  And in that book he’s got a great quote that says, “Don’t forget a person’s [...]

Always Be Recruiting

Always Be Recruiting As I talk to business people here in Denver, I love to ask; “What is the biggest challenge you are facing?”  Recently, the answer has overwhelmingly been: “finding great [...]

Two Keys for Great Teamwork

Two Keys for Great Teamwork We’ve been fortunate to have an awesome past couple of months!  We just had our second busiest month in Footers’ history and overall we could not be happier with the [...]

It’s Your Fault

It’s Your Fault   One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is, “Why am I not doing more business? My catering volume seems to be stuck at (for example) $400,000 and no matter what I do, [...]