Rewards and Recognition for Your Staff

Rewards and Recognition for Your Staff

“Doing a good job is like wetting your pants in a dark suit, you get a warm feeling but no one else seems to notice!”  We’ve all felt that way at one time or another.  Many of us have probably left jobs where the only thing we ever heard was “work harder and faster!”  Or in the Navy, no liberty until morale improves.

If you are serious about going from success to significance, or from good to great to unstoppable, recognition and rewards for your employees must be part of your job as a leader or manager. As leaders we need to motivate and inspire our team.  And rewards and recognition have been proven to be a great way to keep them inspired and engaged.

Of course, there are the naysayers who say “Motivation doesn’t last.”  But to quote the late Zig Ziglar, “Neither does bathing, that’s why we need it every day.”

For those of you who know me, I invest a considerable amount of time reading about ways to improve myself and my team.  I then put what I have read into action.  In past articles I’ve written a about Employee Engagement and Key Performance Indicators as ways to improve our businesses.   Most recently, I read 1501 Ways to Reward Your Employees by Bob Nelson, PhD. With over 1.7M copies in print this book is jam-packed with low-cost and no-cost ideas and best practices for rewarding your staffers using the latest strategies and trends with particular emphasis on millennials.

Here’s one of the 1501 ideas. When Greg Peel, a zone manager for Paychex in Dallas sees an employee working really hard he calls that person’s mother and thanks her.

Here’s one way I do it at my firm.  When a line staff member goes above and beyond at an event, his supervisor nominates him or her for an end-of-the month reward.  This goes on throughout the month and at our first weekly management team meeting the following month we select the top three team members who we feel were the best and they receive first, second and third place prizes valued at $150 total.  Rather than guess what they want, we ask them.

But what about those that were not nominated?  Good question.  Every time a person is nominated during our season which goes from October through June, they are entered into a end of season drawing  have where we award three prizes totaling $1,750.  The more times a staffer is nominated, the more chances to win.

To conclude, you don’t need to invest much treasure in recognition, only your time and talent.

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