CCC CONSULTing Program

With many hundreds of satisfied customers, CCC is the top specialist consultancy serving the catering and banquet communities. CCC’s clients range from small start-ups to some of the most prominent and successful on- and off-premise caterers in the country. Additionally, CCC works with institutions and venues, as well as with corporations interested in developing products for the catering trade.

How does consulting work?

Consulting projects are typically focused on a specific area of the client’s business. A consultant is frequently brought in to solve a problem by assisting the in-house management team. Consultants typically have the benefit of having worked on similar challenges many times before and can bring expertise that may not be available from anywhere else.
Consultants also frequently act as change agents. A consultant can often assist in helping transform a catering business in ways that even the most skilled managers may not be able to from within a company.

What is the consulting proposal process?

The consulting process begins with a discussion about the areas of concern. Any of the consultants listed are available for this initial review. If you are not certain which consultant is best suited to your needs, please contact CCC’s Carl Sacks. Carl will work with you to help determine which consultant would be best for the assignment.