Our Team


  • Carl Sacks Senior Consultant
    Managing Director

    Finance & Profitability, Contract & Venue Strategies, Mergers & Acquisitions, Transition Planning

  • Meryl Snow Senior Consultant

    Sales Training & Strategies, Visual Style Development

  • Bill Hansen Senior Consultant

    Expert Witness Services, Business Management & Development

  • Jeff Ware Senior Consultant

    IT Systems Analysis & Implementation, Catering Software Training, Event Management, Logistics, & Operations

  • Lisa Richards Senior Consultant

    Team & Sales Development, Family Business Issue Resolution, Outdoor Events

  • Anthony Lambatos Senior Consultant

    Company Culture and Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, Hiring and Training New Employees

  • Michael Rosman Senior Consultant

    Corporate Catering Development Strategies

  • Peter McCaffrey Senior Consultant

    Executive Chef & Culinary Consulting

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