Bill Hansen

Senior Consultant

Expert Witness Services, Business Management & Development

From catering for four U.S. Presidents, to Pope John Paul II, to champion Super Bowl teams, Bill Hansen brings over 45 years of catering, entrepreneurial and food service management experience to his consulting practice.

Bill’s areas of expertise are in leadership, and management as exemplified by the success of his own company, Bill Hansen Luxury Catering. After 36 years, Bill’s firm continues to prosper, while spawning scores of South Florida caterers along the way, including many former employees and students. The key to his success is Bill’s belief in training, empowering, and delegating to his key staffers. There is not a catering firm in South Florida that does not have a connection to Bill Hansen. And Bill welcomes the competition!!

As a long time expert on all aspects of catering, Bill is available to work with all types of caterers from start-ups to highly successful businesses. He is frequently engaged as an expert witness for foodservice and hospitality legal disputes.