Lisa Richards

Senior Consultant

Team & Sales Development, Family Business Issue Resolution, Outdoor Events

As a highly successful caterer, and now as a consultant, Lisa is passionate about inspiring caterers to ever greater success. She helps all types of caterers to create and embrace carefully calculated plans to establish their own place in the market.

Lisa offers a winning formula for the thoughtful hiring and building of a successful team. Taking a very hands on approach to sales her process of goal setting, goal measuring and reporting systems is an industry standard. Lisa’s pipeline development and client relationship management systems have provided companies of all sizes with the tools to develop and keep life-long customers and a steady stream of new business referrals.

From small boutique caterers to high volume operators, Lisa works well with companies of all sizes. Lisa spends time with her clients to create accountability with a focus on sensible, controlled growth. By designing company-specific plans she supports her clients on their journey to a comfortable and profitable market position, building a foundation for success, security and opportunity for expansion.

From her own experience over the last 30 years Lisa has the first-hand knowledge to resolve family business issues that are common in the catering industry. And as the owner of one of the largest picnic companies in the country, she offers her expertise in developing outdoor events businesses and how to have fun doing it.

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