Certified Catering Consultants

1. providing expert advice

2. solving problems

3. improving operations

4. implementing change


Certified Catering Consultants is ready to work with you …


A national and international service offering catering industry clients the benefit of more than a hundred years of catering management expertise


A group of highly successful executives from throughout the catering industry


The most cost effective solution to an entire range of challenges facing caterers today

Certified Catering Consultants is ready to work with you to…


Your catering related challenges


Your highest-value opportunities


Your business & ROI
Our team represents the state of the art in catering knowledge and expertise. With nearly twenty years consulting, we have a stellar track record of success for our clients. Our consultants offer innovative ideas, proven solutions, and measurable results.


Why Certified Catering Consultants?

Bringing in outside experts is a positive action for a business to take – virtually all successful businesses use consultants at some time. In fact, over 70% of all projects completed by the CCC team over the past 19 years have been for successful and prosperous companies.
These are caterers that are simply seeking a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and to learn what steps they should take to increase profitability and quality of life. Our clients want to improve their operating results, and know that the decades of experience that CCC brings to each engagement is the most cost effective way to do this.
We can help you save time, bring focus and make clear, informed decisions. Our consultants will assist you in answering your most pressing concerns while presenting business-building solutions. CCC’s consultants all have track records of hands-on success, and have dealt with nearly every challenge facing the catering industry.
Our fees are reasonable, and competitive. Your costs are defined in advance – there is never a surprise. We understand that there must be a return on your investment.
The first step is to simply call or email one of us to arrange a no cost, no obligation conversation. We will discuss your challenges and expectations, and explain clearly how CCC can assist you in achieving your goals.


What people said about us

If you are not certain which consultant is best suited to your needs, please contact CCC’s Managing Partner Carl Sacks. Carl will work with you to help determine which consultant would be best for the assignment. For every project, Catersource offers a no cost, no obligation review of the situation at hand, from which a consulting proposal will be created.