Carl Sacks


Strategic Planning, Finance & Profitability, Contract & Venue Strategies, Mergers & Acquisitions, Transition Planning

Meryl Snow

Sales Training & Strategies, Visual Style Development



 Business Management & Development

Jeff Ware

IT Systems Analysis & Implementation, Catering Software Training, Event Management, Logistics, & Operations
Team & Sales Development, Family Business Issue Resolution, Outdoor Events

Company Culture and Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, Hiring and Training New Employees

Corporate and Private Drop Off Catering, Culture Building and Creative Development

Executive Chef & Culinary Consulting

Staff Development and Training

Operational Evaluation and Improvement Techniques; Kosher Catering; Restaurant/Hotel Operations; New Property and Turnaround Specialist

Operations, Finance, Technology

Marketing and Design, Non-Profit Integration, Food Styling, Photography, Social Media Strategy, and Brand Building