Bob Pacanovsky

Senior Consultant

Staff Development and Training

Every caterer depends on skilled and trained staff for their success. To ensure quality service, a formal staff training program is a necessity for caterers of all types. CCC’s Senior Consultant Bob Pacanovsky is a resource for all caterers with or without an in-house trainer.

From catering 25 Pro Football Hall of Fame National Induction events to the thousands of other events he has overseen, Bob Pacanovsky has been passionate about developing skilled staff. His focus is on two key areas critical to the success of events and catering business – Service Etiquette and Formal Dining Training.

Having spent over 20 years in staff development, Bob has always considered anticipatory service to be a key skill. His programs concentrate on how personnel not only carry themselves when they are representing the brand of the company, but how to create memorable dining experiences based on the service given.

As a keynote speaker, trainer and facilitator, Bob shares these techniques with organizations of all sizes. His programs are hands on, informative and habit forming. He has achieved Professional Member status of the National Speaker’s Association, and works with companies across the country to build customer loyalty and create lasting impressions.