Frank Christian Jr.

Senior Consultant

Operations, Finance, Technology

Frank’s particular skill set for Certified Catering Consultants is the operations side of the business. Since 1992, he has focused on the non-sexy part of the hospitality and special event industry. Once sales hands off the event to the operations team, the company risks their profitability by mismanaging the flow of information and communication prior to the event happening.

Frank’s MA in Information Systems and BA in Finance combine with natural business acumen, an ownership mentality, and team development skills to bring corporate vision to reality in fast-paced, highly competitive settings.

By studying the event lifecycle, he has been able to help companies manage the dimes and pennies leading to a solid bottom line. His areas of focus include post contract operations, warehouse management and logistics, onsite execution training, sales and kitchen communication, business process analysis and improvement, operational staff coaching and development as well as fractional C-suite services.