John A. Lombardo

Senior Consultant

Operational Evaluation and Improvement Techniques; Kosher Catering; Restaurant/Hotel Operations; New Property and Turnaround Specialist

John is a veteran hospitality industry executive. His successful career includes managing both privately-owned businesses as well as four and five-star level corporate hotel properties. He has performed many consulting assignments, and clients consistently comment that his involvement resulted in tangible actions that resulted in an immediate benefit.
A combination of practical skills honed by opening and turning around a dozen properties ranging from locations in Maui, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and elsewhere across the continental U.S., combined with a degree from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration provide John with a unique ability to understand many facets of hospitality. His additional experience owning several hospitality businesses complements his overall understanding of how to address the challenges that owners and managers face today. John can also communicate effectively to Spanish-speaking staff.