Lisa Richards

Senior Consultant

Team & Sales Development, Family Business Issue Resolution, Outdoor Events

As a highly successful caterer, consultant and businesswoman, Lisa not only helps inspire caterers to head towards success, she also adds a personal and fully immersive approach to each business she works with. Using a genuine and authentic consulting style, Lisa’s coaching helps caterers and their entire staff, from dishwasher to CEO, work towards cementing themselves into the catering marketplace and grow into a profitable and fulfilling business.

Lisa’s newest venture, Cowgirl Q, is a perfect example of how to pivot within your career and use the resources you have already amassed to have another venture that can be effective, gratifying, and fun. Her enthusiasm for catering, passion for business building and her personal touch makes working with Lisa not only rewarding for your business but also for you.

Taking a very hands-on approach, Lisa can help with goal setting, measuring and reporting. She is also a leading standard for client relationship management and can help your business keep life-long customers and continue to build new business referrals.

From her own experience over the last 30 years, Lisa has the first-hand knowledge on how to work through common catering issues, complex business concerns and create a working environment that leads to advantageous and rewarding business development. From small boutique caterers to second career companies, Lisa works hard to create a foundation of success, security and opportunity for expansion for all those she consults with.